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3.5 months with Chucks in the UK

This last semester, I studied abroad in the UK (and a few surrounding countries, like France, Ireland, and Italy) and bought a brand new pair of Chucks to take with me on my adventures.  Here's a summary of where they've been... be warned, this will be image heavy. =) Brand new, unmarred chucks in the Amsterdam airport on the way to Edinburgh, Scotland. Then my chucks went with me throughout the city of Edinburgh for a week.  This one is the nerdy tourist photo somewhere inside Edinburgh castle. I also got to Sir Walter Scott's home in Abbotsford, Scotland.  Can't really tell from this photo, but trust me on that one. My next stop was at Lindisfarne, or Holy Island in England.  Lindisfarne is an island with a causeway that gets covered by high tide, so for half the day you're trapped on the island.  It's also the pilgrimage site for St. Cuthbert.  I stayed overnight. And while I was in London, my chucks tried to get to Hogwarts with me.  I was utterly thrilled until Dobby decided that I shouldn't go to Hogwarts this year.  Unlike with Harry, he was successful.  =( They also went with me to the British museum and fulfilled my quest for knowledge.  Then I went to Ireland.  This was one of many moments: "Look ma! It has my name on it!"  This one was in Dublin, where I was staying during Arthur's Day 2009, the 250th anniversary of Guinness.  Big day. Then my chucks took me to Glendalough, an old monastery in Ireland.  Irish countryside is just beautiful. Then I went out to Sligo, and stopped at Knowth on the way.  Knowth is a bunch of neolitic burial mounds, so here I am sitting on one. After Sligo, I went up to Northern Ireland.  On the way to Belfast, I got to stop at Giant's Causeway.   After Ireland, I flew out to France.  This photo was on Omaha Beach in Normandy.  Even though WWII finished a long time ago, it was a little disconcerting to be this close to the water that drowned all the wounded soldiers as the tide came in. After Normandy I went to Paris, and then for break I went to Italy.  But I kind of failed: I had no photos with my chucks in Paris, Venice, or Rome (but really, they were there).  So here's one from my last stop in Italy: the Amalfi coast.  Gorgeous part of Italy, though October is a little off-season. And then it was back to England.  This was at a retreat center in Tunbridge Wells, England.  I spent most of my day here reading and doing my homework (I did study, believe it or not).  But really: can life get better than reading Shakespeare in England outside on a gorgeous autumn day?  No.  No, it can't. After stopping in Oxford (where I frequented the pub of Tolkein and CS Lewis) and Stratford (where I watched the RSC perform Twelfth Night), I visited Tintern Abbey in Wales for an afternoon.  So this is me standing on some of the ruins there. Then after traveling to Bath and Lyme Regis, I took a day trip to Cadbury Hill, the reputed location of Arthur's Camelot.  In reality, it's a big grassy field.  Perhaps I was standing on Arthur's round table... haha.   And one of my last stops: Salisbury, to see Stonehenge.  There it is.  =) So really, these Chucks did take me everywhere.  Probably my favorite pair now, just because of the memories.  And someday, I'm hoping they'll take me back there. 
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