purpleluxe (purpleluxe) wrote in con_quest,

want to buy my shoes?

hey, I posted a few months ago about these shoes, but nothing worked out, so I thought I'd try again,

So, 3 pairs of chucks, coming from Vancouver BC. I will not ship outside Canada or the USA, its too expensive, sorry!!! Paypal only, Im going to the post office Tuesday to ship other parcels, so if you want these let me know and I will invoice you asap so I can get them shipped on Tuesday for you!

15$usd shipped to Canada or the USA ( except HI)
worn less then 10 times, too small for me. great condition!

15$ usd shipped to Canada or the USA ( except HI)
worn prob 5 times or less. I loved them and thought i could squish my giant feet into them. I was wrong. like new condition.

and my love, I adore these shoes, however, do to a foot problem, I can no longer wear these. I can't get my Barney Rubble left foot in there anymore =( so sad!   brand new, worn 2-3 times max, still sparkly white!
size  9
50$usd shipped to Canada or USA.

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